Welcome to La Shangrila Karaoke Bar & Lounge in Miami, Florida

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Located just a block away from Florida International University (FIU), La Shangrila offers a mythical setting for karaoke enthusiasts everywhere as an international twist to a beloved pastime.


Music is the language of the world; it unites and inspires us. Our karaoke bar and lounge exemplifies this aspect of music with multiple rooms inspired by global cities such as Tokyo and Shanghai. Music has an undeniable global reach, and with over a million licensed songs from which to choose, you’ll be sure to find a hit that fits.


Our themed and spacious private rooms offer the full experience of KTV: karaoke coupled with the comfort of an intimate setting. They can accommodate anywhere between five(5) to thirty(30) guests and are fitted with state-of-the-art technology that makes song selection a breeze.


Music is also the sound of celebration — and La Shangrila welcomes it! Celebrate a birthday, host a party, or schedule a corporate event. We offer catering selections per room from an authentic Chinese cuisine menu and are able to accommodate reasonable requests for specific foods and/or party services.


Explore the world of karaoke within Earth’s musical utopia — La Shangrila.