What's KTV?

KTV is a term used to describe a karaoke box: an establishment, similar to a bar or lounge, that contains private rooms for lovers of karaoke! These rooms are available for booking by the hour and offer the latest technology in song selection and music video display. Rooms vary in size and can comfortably accommodate anywhere between parties of five (5) or thirty (30). Book your KTV experience today!

La Shangrila KTV

Culture of Karaoke

Karaoke is a worldwide phenomenon. Music strikes at our deepest passions, and when that one song comes on, we are driven to sing along. It unites us across borders and between cultures — and who doesn’t love a lively party where the music plays and the folks are singing?! Experience the culture of KTV with groups of friends and loved ones at La Shangrila.

Culture of Karaoke TV

Song Selection

La Shangrila offers the latest technology in song selection and video-on-demand through the use of ThunderStone KTV. One of the most widely used systems at karaoke establishments throughout the globe, the fully licensed software is capable of downloading the most recent song releases and thus has a consistently up-to-date selection of contemporary hits and the golden sounds of yesteryear. Through the ThunderStone app on an iPhone, users can interact with the software and directly order songs, drinks, or other services. We are proud to provide such high-quality service that translates into a comfortable and enjoyable KTV experience.