Get State-of-the-Art karaoke Miami at La Shangrila!!!

Do you love enjoying karaoke? Want to host your next party with the same? If yes, you will find plethora of places like bars and lounges offering karaoke Miami. And La Shangrila is definitely a worthy name to be considered in this regard.

To make a karaoke song, lyrics are stripped out of the soundtrack, leaving only the instrumentation. In fact, lyrics are displayed on a monitor or television screen to assist the user. This modern way of music has gained huge popularity especially in bars of Japan. The accessible options of music have expanded for karaoke machines with time. And those working in this industry determine that karaoke could be an extremely profitable type of lounge and a nightspot entertainment.

In Miami, there are many bars which feature karaoke every night with highly advanced sound equipment. People like to groove at karaoke bars having enhancements like special lighting and TV monitors displaying lyrics of the song. However, if you want to make your birthday special with karaoke this time, it would be great to locate suitable birthday places Miami and La Shangrila is one of them.

Well, La Shangrila renders a wonderful setting for karaoke enthusiasts everywhere. Their karaoke bar and lounge holds multiple rooms inspired by global cities like Shanghai and Tokyo. Great thing is that their themed and spacious private rooms offer complete experience of KTV. It signifies karaoke coupled with the comfort of an intimate setting.

Basically, KTV is about a karaoke box-an establishment like a bar or lounge which contains private rooms for the karaoke lovers. Remember, these rooms are to be booked by the hour and render latest technology in song selection and music video display. These rooms vary in size and quite comfortable to enjoy. They can accommodate anywhere between five to thirty guests. They are fitted with out-of-the-box technology which makes song selection an easy deal.

As they say, music is also the sound of celebration so you can celebrate your birthday, host any part or plan a corporate event at this place. They facilitate remarkable catering selections per room ranging from an authentic Chinese cuisine menu and can easily accommodate reasonable demands for specific foods and party services.

La Shangrila offers the latest technology in selection and video-on-demand through using ThunderStone KTV-the fully licensed software to download songs. With ThunderStone app on an iPhone, users can enjoy the flexibility to interact with the software and directly order songs, drinks, or other services. For more details, just log onto


La Shangrila
10720 W Flagler St
Miami, Florida 33174, USA
Phone: (305) 640-5217